Our team of professionals provides additional engineering solutions development
and support services in the following areas:
System Engineering

Х Development of complex systems architecture
Х Functional analysis
Х Requirements management
Х Interface management
Х Verification and validation

Software Design

Х Software development (C/C++ (Linux/Win), Qt, MS VS, Builder)
Х MATLAB & Simulink engineering services
Х Embedded programming
Х Calculation tools programming and development

Mathematical Modeling

Х Development of mathematical models of complex mechanical systems
Х HIL and SIL simulation
Х System dynamic visualization in a virtual environment
Х Simulation of dynamics and kinematics of objects and mechanisms at ambient conditions
Х Simulation of dynamics of guidance, control and stabilization processes in control systems
Х Computation of aerodynamics, hydrodynamic and mechanical characteristics of the systems
Х Computation of inertial and aerodynamic loads on movable system components and flight controls
Х PCB thermal analysis

Circuit Design and Electronics

Х Digital electronics development
Х PCB layout and design
Х Testing of electronic devices

Hardware Design

Х Design of metal and composite structures for robotic vehicles
Х Design of robotic vehicle systems
Х Design of ground control stations or facilities for robotic vehicles

Strength Prediction and Testing

Х Laying the groundwork for reference conditions for structures
Х Performing static strength analysis
Х Performing dynamic analysis
Х Planning and organization of strength and dynamic bench tests

Human Factors and Ergonomics

Х Ergonomics evaluation and assessment
Х Ergonomics design
Х Development of anthropocentric systems, interfaces, habitat conditions and etc.
Х Support of operator performance
Х Human-computer systems
Х Objective control and evaluation of psychophysiological state
Х Experimental psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, conflict resolution

Maintenance Documentation

Х Development of interactive electronic technical manuals for complex technologies
Х Operational documentation development, adaptation and maintenance (ASD S1000D, GOST, according to customer specific requirements):
- aviation industry
- railroad industry
- automotive industry
Х Translation:
- technical translation and editing
- localization of documentation to the requirements of Russian Certification Authority

Professional Development and Consulting

Х Concurrent engineering in the aerospace industry
Х Systems engineering
Х Human Factors and Ergonomics
Х Configuration management
Х Technology readiness level as a risk management practice
Х Methods and techniques of operational documentation preparation and developmen